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12.0 Research & Development Informations

12.1 Software:
Application In-house Software In-house Software In-house Software Outside Software
Patterns Rising(TWN shoes pattern software)   Grispin
Grading    Grispin
Artwork Illustrator / Freehand V.9.0 Photoshop V.5.0 Coredraw V.9.0  
3 D Files Pro E Master Cam. Solid Work Most IGES File
12.2 Samples:
 Lead-time Development/sample facility location
Hockey Protective/Goalie Equipment 14-24 days Taiwan / China
Hockey Mask/Helmet 26-38 days Taiwan / China
Inline Skate/Hockey Figure Skate 33-42 days China
Inline Protective + Accessories 12-18 days Taiwan / China
Soccer Shin Guard , Glove + Accessories 14--20 days Taiwan / China
Neoprene, Volleyball + Accessories 14-20 days Taiwan / China
Baseball Protective + Accessories 12-18 days China
Material development 12-18 days Taiwan / China
GYM Belts + Accessories 12-18 days Taiwan / China
Lacross Protective + Accessories 12-18 days Taiwan / China
12.3 Testing Equipment/Process
Physical Test Performed Machine type Test Standards Test Frequency Calibration Frequency Internal/ External
Bursting Strength Tester QC-115/QC-115D  Daily Annual Internal
Abrasion Testing Machine QC619T Daily Annual Internal
Manual Crock Meter QC-621/AC-621A By product Annual Internal
UV Lamp Fade Tester QC-609A By product Annual Internal
Perspiration Tester QC-315 By product Annual Internal
Infrared Moisture Meter QC-FD-600 By product Annual Internal
Density/Specific Gravity meter QC-MD-200S By product Annual Internal
Dupont Impact Tester Daily Annual Internal
Pull Strength Test QC-509 Daily Annual Internal
Drop Impact Test QC-637 Daily Annual Internal
Salt Fog Exposure Machine 24-48HR Daily Annual Internal
Freezing Test SS703 -40degree C Daily Annual Internal
PU Wheel Testing Daily Annual Internal
Bearing Test Daily Annual Internal
Washing Quality 60 degree test Philip Daily Annual Internal
SGS, TUV, ACTS External

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