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10.0 Prudent Group Limited / Manufacturing Information

10.1  Set-Up Plan:
Lay out by 1998/ Construction start by 1999
Total Plant Area 80,000 Square Meter 
Total Floor Area 48,000 Square Meter
Present Constructed Area 40,000 Square Meter
Production Operation September, 2001

10.2  Location:
10 Minutes from DEYORK LIMITED (Factory I)
30 Minutes from ShenZhen Domestic Airport
25 Minutes from ShenZhen Ferry Terminal

10.3  Exclusive Production Advantages:
Standard of Engagement Compliance (SOE)
Increase Manufacturing Capacities
Production Delivery On Time Improvement 
Additional Laboratory New Technology Equipment
No Allowed Visitor On Production Floor Area
Cost Savings On Material Forecast
Full Floor Consecutive Order Production for:
- Fitness/Inline Skates ; Inline Soft Boots Skates
- Hockey & Figure Skates
- Soccer Shin Guards / Goalkeeper Gloves
- Snowboard Binders

10.4  Research & Development Center Expansion:
Innovation, Development & Creativity of New Design
Upgrading Customer Service
Establish Product Development Confidentiality

10.5  Monthly Production Capacity:
Fitness & Inline Skates	150,000 Pairs
Inline Soft Boot Skates	 60,000 Pairs
Hockey & Figure Skates	 70,000 Pairs
Snowboard Binder	 50,000 Pieces
Soccer Shin Guards	150,000 Pairs
Goalkeeper Gloves	 60,000 Pairs

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