Award of the Best Innovation 2004
Award of the Best Price Value 2005

20.0 Product Certifications & Permits


20.1 Helmets, Goalie Mask & Player:

Ice Hockey Goalie Mask CAN/CSA-Z262.2.M90/#116672(HECC)
Ice Hockey Player Helmet EC - N'0071/406/136/1000/0299
Baseball/Softball Helmet NOCSAE Document 024-98
Stunt Inline Helmet EC- N'501/158/07/97175 (EN1078)
Snowboard Helmet ASTM F2020
Paintball Mask ASTM F-1776-99
Ice/Roller Hockey Goalie Mask ASTM F1587-96 (HECC)
Pro Goalie Helmet SP Certificate No 10 69 46 (Swedish)
Floor Ball Helmet IFF SPCR 011/ NR 0925595 (Sweden)
Fitness / Cycle Helmet EC SATRA 1454

20.2 Upholstered & Stuffed Articles (Canadian Registration):

LONG WAY - Taiwan Factory N' 20E 5883 - Ontario Province
DEYORK LIMITED - China Factory N' 92T3016 - Ontario Province
DEYORK LIMITED - China Factory N' 1730-246 - Quebec Province
DEYORK LIMITED - China Factory N' M-1730 - Manitoba Province

20.3 Bureau De Normalization Du Quebec BNQ (Hockey Neck Protector):

Bauer Nike Hockey Inc. CAN / BNQ 9415-370 / NR. 552
Irwin Sports CAN / BNQ 9415-370 / NR. 453

20.4 Design Projects (By Long Way):

Inline Wrist Splint '94 Design 3549/35750
Inline Knee Cap '94 Design 31743
Inline Elbow Cap '94 Design 31744
Inline Skate ' 98 Design AL98042731002-TUV

20.5 Protective Gears EC/CE Compliance:

Ice Hockey Chest Protector N'0071/406/136/1000/0282
Standard Knee Pad N'16GEX/060700/354
Standard Elbow Pad N'16CDEX/060700/352
Standard Wrist Guard N'16PPEX/060700/349
Inline Deluxe Knee Pad N'16GEX/260201/418
Inline Deluxe Elbow Pad N'16CDEX/260201/419
Inline Deluxe Wrist Guard N'16PPEX/020101/410
Stunt High End Knee Pad N'16CEX/060700/351
Stunt High End Elbow Pad N'16CEX/060700/350
Stunt High End Hand Protective N'16GMEX/060700/353
Police Riot Shin Guard BP9710797 (PSA)

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