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New Factory - Exclusive Plans & Benefits

Dear Valued Client Per previously informed, Long Way has a second factory at China, nearby location to our factory I in ShenZhen. This will start operation within this month of September, 2001, wherein we hereby lay-out some benefits and plans of exclusivity to our valuable clients such as YOU.

With today's added modern technology on communication such as Digital Photos, Video Conferencing, Emails & various computer capabilities, the development of product life cycle has indeed become shorter and faster. With the input from manufacturer on wider and expansion manufacturing, it will further add more benefits to the clients, in which our new factory set-up purposes, aim and targeting at this issue.

The new factory has two buildings. Each building has three manufacturing floors, total six floors, with complete and updated manufacturing facilities. We still have two floors available for production exclusivity for client's benefits as follows:

a) Confidentiality on product development and innovation b) Close door production area c) Focus group for strict quality control d) Delivery time program per client logistic requirement e) Finished goods warehousing for client logistic direct shipment requirement f) Cost savings of materials for quantities forecasted

These are some of the benefits our new factory are presently proposing. We do however welcome and appreciated to any of your comments and suggestions to further improve our systems on manufacturing and management, being our working partners.Regards, CB Hsu File: New Factory - Exclusive Plans & Benefits

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