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13.0 Manufacturing Informations

13.1 Product Flow Process:
1)R&D Sample Stage/ CBD, Color Swatch
2)Sales Samples (BOM/Specification sheet/MFG Assembling, Q/C Guide Book for each item)
3)Product confirmation is very important: Require a signed confirm sample from our Buyer or our RD project leader with MFG & QC specification guide book with technical package and transfer meetings to plan forPilot Run.

13.2 Pricing/Initial Costs (Key Element of all products):

Cost Time-line
First sample cost estimate 5 - 7 days
Detailed Cost Break Downs following Revisions e 7 - 14 days

13.3 Graphic Application In-House Capability:

Silkscreen Tempo Heat Transfer PU HF Embroidery Sublimation Other ( Explain)
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Decal/Cubic printing
Air Brush printing
Mask painting

13.4 Molding & Mold Making:

Capability Injection Compression CAD CNC Digitize/Scanning SLA
Internal Yes Yes Yes Yes By 2001 Aug. No
# of Mach/size Under 100T 5 SET 12 sets 16 pcs 3 pcs 16 pcs
# of Mach/Size 100-300T 19 SET
# of Mach/size UP300 T3 SET
# of Mach/size 350T Vertical 2 Italy
# of Mach/size 200T Vertical 1Twn
External 20 sets 4 pcs 2 sets Yes

13.5 Other Manufacturing Technology/Processes Capabilities:

1) Prototype Shop; Injection Tool Shop; Weaving Loom; Knitting Machines; Injection Machines;
2) Compressed molding Machine; Die-Cut Sewing & Assembling; Cage Welding Machine;
3)Goal Equipment Customized ; Printing/Silkscreen Equipment; Skate Last Machines; 4) Frequency Machines; Laboratory/Testing Facilities.

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