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19.0 Laboratory & Trade Testing Performed List

19.1 Laboratory Equipment:

Physical Test Performed Test Frequency Calibration Frequency
Bursting Strength tester Daily Annual
Abrasion Testing Machine Daily Annual
Manual Crock Meter By product Annual
UV Lamp Fade Tester By product Annual
Perspiration Tester By product Annual
Infrared Moisture Meter By product Annual
Density/Specific Gravity meter By product Annual
DUPONT Impact Tester Daily Annual
Pull Strength Test Daily Annual
Drop Impact Test Daily Annual
Salt Fog Exposure Machine Daily Annual
Freezing Test 0C to 40C Daily Annual
PU Wheel Testing Daily Annual
Bearing Test Daily Annual
Washing Quality 60 degree test Daily Annual
Dew Point Meter Daily Annual
Material Moisture Analyzer Daily Annual
Melt Flow Index Tester Daily Annual
IZOD Impact Tester Daily Annual
Universal Testing Machine Daily Annual
Falling Dart Impact Tester Daily Annual
ASTM Test Coupon Mold By Product Annual
Skate DIN Impact CE Standard By Product Annual
Helmet Impact CSA/HECC Standard By Product Annual
Soccer Impact 2001 ECC Standard By Product Annual
Baseball Mask NOSCAE Standard By Product Annual
Floor Ball Helmet Standard By Product Annual
Inline Helmet CE Standard By Product Annual

19.2 Government/Trade Specification Testing Requirements:

ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Snowboard/Paintball Helmet
NOCSAE Standard (USA) Baseball/Softball Catcher Helmet
CSA/HECC International (Canada) Ice/Roller Goalie Mask
LNE LABORATOIRE National D ESSAIS (EC) Ice Player Helmet/Protective
CRITT Sports LOISIRS (EC) Protective Gears/Helmets
BNQ Bureau De NORMALIZATION Du Quebec Hockey Neck Protectors
TSSA Technical Standards & Safety Authority (Canada) Stuffed Articles
ETL INTERTEK Testing Service (SATRA) / (EC) Fitness/Cycle Helmet
SP Swedish National Testing & Research Institute Pro Goalie Helmet
IFF International Floor Ball Federation SPCR 011 Floor Ball Helmet
MTL Merchandise Testing Laboratory (USA) Protective Gears / Soccer & Football Pads
SGS / ACTS (Asia) Materials / Protective Gears

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