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27.0 Defective Product Claim Policy

LONG WAY policy for defective product claims, following the standard procedures for compensation as follows:

1) Sent us the defective samples of 1 to 2 pairs/pieces per Purchase Order claim for internal evaluation.
2) Once defective samples checked and evaluated, we will suggest compensation ways as follows:
a) Returned goods to Long Way at our expense. We will issue credit note or replace the product.
b) Offer goods at a discount price if be possible.
c) If defective goods becomes HAZARDOUS to the health while on stock, this may BURN-OFF at your end.

We will compensate total value either by credit note or product replacement, Prior to this action, you should inform us first the situation and will advise our comment by return.

As a manufacturer, we're entitled to 1% manufacturing defect. Over 1%, we are fully responsible for such claim.

Of course, LONG WAY will always honor any claim resulted from our production. However, for such claim be compensated, your full cooperation on our required procedures is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Long Way Management

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