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16.0 DEYORK LIMITED ( Plant II) / Manufacturing Department

16.1 Warehouse (Finished Product):

Storage for finished production checked by QA following the profile plan of MIL-STD-105D AQL

16.2 Weaving Elastic Facilities:

46 Machines on daily operation
3 Computer logo woven machine in Taiwan factory operation
Yarn Materials from Taiwan source for quality standard
3Manufacture various elastic bands per BOM plan with material spec of PP, Nylon Webbing for:
- Skate, Skate Belt, Wrist Guard, Skate Strap, Goggle Strap

16.3 Knitting Elastic Facilities:

21 Machines on operation
Process all knitting parts per BOM plan & sent to main warehouse for IQC checking and approval:
- Ankle Shin Parts for Soccer Pads
- Back Sleeve for Inline Skate Pads
- Gusset Knitting Bandage for Hockey Glove

16.4 Hard Articles and Parts Assembling Facilities:

29 Compression Machines
11 Frequency Machines
8 Cutting Machine

16.5 Fabric Material Preparation:

46 Machine units for elastic and PP webbing material
21 Machine units for knitting material

16.6 Assembling Line :

For Soccer Shin Pad, Volleyball, Football Pads & Goalkeeper Gloves
For Sport Medicine Braces, Neoprene Supports & Elastic Supports
10 Assembling lines with PQC inspection during production

16.7 Silkscreen/Decal/Painting Processing Departments:

Processing various silk screen for plastic parts, textile & other pads printing
Processing systems for pad printing, hot & foil stamping and decal application
Processing Decal Application on Goalie Mask & Helmet of material PE/PP/ABS/DUPONG ZYTEL
Helmet Decal Application of Cubic Printing, Air Brush Printing & Painting
Foil and Decal Application for all Mask, Helmets & Pads processing
14 Silk Screen Printing Line Machines
6 Spray Ink and Printing Machines

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