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15.0 DEYORK LIMITED (Pant I) / Manufacturing Department

15.1 Warehouse:

BOM created by R&D and processed through MIS Program
IQP control has 3 color ways for noting based on the quality assurance plan
- Green means Passed
- Yellow means Waive. Needed to discuss with management
- Red means Rejected
Materials specification for IQC control for part such as:
- Textile, EVA foam, Laminated Material, Elastic, Knitting & Weaving

15.2 Tool Shop:

Injection and Molded shop by Pattern PANAGRAHP 2.1 or 1.1 System
Capable to produce 2-4 color injection molds
Estimated to produce 40-50 sets of tools per month, plus 2-4 color molds
Capable to produce ALUMINUM COMPRESSION tools for Ice Hockey Product
39 Machine unit as follows:
- 15 Milling Machines
- 2 Drilling Machines
- 1 Shaping Machine
- 2 Lathe Machines
- 5 Electrical Discharging Machine
- 10 Engraving Machines
- 3 CNC Machines
- 1 Wire Cut Machine

15.3 Die-Cut Knife/Label Printing:

Processed most die-cut knife for R&D use & counter copy for manufacturing
Supply exporting and inner cartons for all shipment sizing requirements
Printing machines for labels and stickers such as:
- UPC Code / EAN Code / FCC-14 Code
- Price Sticker
- Size Label / Country of Origin
- Washing & Care Instruction Label
- Warning Label
- Computer Machine Bar Code Checking

15.4 Prototype Shop:

Processing all prototype plastic parts by VACUUM and SCULPTOR method
Processing all CNC parts by CAD, IGES files, etc.

15.5 Foam Forming Shop

Process Hockey Shin Parts & Shoulder Foam Padding by Compressed Tooling
Process EVA Forming protective items for:
- Snowboard Binder, Inline Pad, Volleyball Foam, Soccer Ankle Pad, Hockey Pad & related sports

15.6 Die-Cut Section;

Receive materials from warehouse based on BOM plan
After parts are die-cut, forward to pre-production warehouse
Work timeline require 7 to 10 days prior assembling operation

15.7 Logo Label/High Frequency Badge Processing:

Specific machine processing all kinds logo badges
Logo badges from various specification to woven, PVC and high frequency

15.8 Shipment Packaging:

Machines to produce PVC bag packaging of different thickness requirement
Material inventories on various PVC sheets production requirement

15.9 Assembling Section:

Pre-production parts ready, R&D to conform specification for mass production
Mass production references based on finished assembling parts & QC guide book
28 Assembling lines mainly for Hockey, Lacross and Inline protective pads
PQC personnel on production line to check and assist management on quality
886 Sewing Machines
212 Roller Stitching Machines
339 Heavy Duty Sewing Machines for special stitching requirement
3 Computer Sewing Machine for circular stitching style

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