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26.0 Code Of Conduct Policy

LONG WAY share it's commitment, in spirit of partnerships and bind with our clients, to the global requirement of Code of Conduct and the applicable labor laws set forth below:

1) Force Labor - we don't use force labor in any form - prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise.
2) Child Labor - we does not employ any person below the age of 18. Where local standards are higher and no person under the legal minimum age will be ever employed.
3) Compensation - we provides each employee at least the minimum wage, or the prevailing wage industry whichever is higher and provides each employee a clear written accounting for every pay period..
4) Benefits - we provide each employee all legally mandated benefits, to include meals subsidies housing, health care, emergency and holiday leave.
5) Hours of Work/Overtime - we complies with legally mandated work hours, uses overtime only when necessary and compensation according to local law. Provides one day off in seven and complies with local work hours limits regulation.
6) Management of Environment, Safety and Health (MESH) - we have written health and safety guidelines applicable to all manufacturing departments, which complies with all the applicable local environmental, safety and health regulations.
7) Documentation and Inspection - we maintains on file all documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with Code of Conduct, agrees to make these documents available for inspections upon request, and agrees to submit to labor practices audits or inspection with or without prior notice.
Being your manufacturing partners, this code is put into 
practice and translated into the

language of the worker, for their rights information. 

Thank You,

Long Way Management

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