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LONG WAY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, established in 1975, is a family business owned by five(5) brothers. Started from producing textile for gloves, shoes and accessories for knitting cuff, elastic strap, belt and webbing, service through Taiwan local vendors.

In 1977, as skateboard business began to be demand and interest to produce safety gear and accessories develop with webbing material mostly used and importing Fastening Hook & Loop Tape from Japan and USA.. The demand for this component increases which we become more interested at same technology and start the R&D center.

At 1982, The Fastening Tape technology created was a success and became a pioneer industry in Taiwan.

By 1983, the manufacturing was established for own consumption, supply to local vendor and exported to worldwide market. During 1985 to 1988, were success years with high demands and turn the project to total TURN KEY PROJECT resulted to machine and technology sold to eight (8) companies internationally.

During 1983, LONG WAY add another project for manufacturing of other sports for Soccer Shin Guard, Volleyball,Football pad and related protective with produced materials used of knitting,elastic webbing, fastening tape hook/loop and fabric parts.

From 1987 to 1990, resulting to good turnover of Fastening Hook/Loop Tape project, we invested in Real Estate with projects on apartments, hospital building at Taipei area for more than 560 units at total constructed.

From 1988 to 1989, due to sport industry high demand for production, our Taiwan factory can cope up the capacity causes by high rate of labor shortage. In order to adhere with the on going demand and pricing competitiveness, LONG WAY decided to make an investment for manufacturing in ShenZhen, China and took advantages of low labor rated and China government 50 years long rental policy.

At 1989, LONG WAY was then the first Taiwanese company to set up manufacturing operation of sporting protective in ShenZhen, China, under company name DEYORK LIMITED/ TU YU SPORT INSTRUMENT FACTORY n 2 years period rental basis,till 1990. The sporting industry continues to grow, which again gave direction for us to construct own factory at nearby area, started operation of IST plant by 1992 with 800 employees.

By spring 1993, the 2nd plant starts operation with living facilities to accommodate 1,500 employees. The Quality Assurance Plan was established based on ISO 9003, with standard inspection level AQL -EIL-STD-105D? in effect at production operation.

At 1998, the second factory layout plan created, construction start by 1999, operation on September, 2001 under the name of PRUDENT GROUP LIMITED. This plant established for the purposes to offer exclusive production for clients with full floor capacity quantities, close door manufacturing floor, 100% confidentiality on product development, increase manufacturing capacity and expansion of R&D facilities.

During May 2001, this second factory got the ISO 9001 certified with operational system follows the required AQL 1.5 MIL-STD-105D Quality system for assurance on higher quality standard production implementation.

Taking the Lead and The Future?shy; It our objective is to continue to provide our client with the most advanced performance, manufacturing facilities and communication built upon by today world. To be able to further enhance growth at services through this new and improved technologies, details and quality.

At our long years of manufacturing existence, we encountered many different kinds of people, appreciating individual diversity, and dedicated to equal opportunity of each individual. At every step of each process, we are driven to achieve not only what is required but also what is expected to be a leader, committed and reliable partner manufacturer.

To be a good and successful manufacturer is not an easy task. It needs a lot of hard work, proper organization, team work and continuous investment. In LONG WAY case,the continuous investment such as the expansion of manufacturing buildings, upgrading machineries and by monitoring each department functions, assures our clients the stability of our growth. With major part of our total plan is the good teamwork from employees, by setting up a good work attitude and spirit on providing them the proper living environment and benefits to include their families.

Teamwork is our company motto. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is a success. Our future, as we believe is NOW, as has been a reflection of our teamwork of many years developed.

We worked hard to deliver on your expectation on good quality products. And will continue to invest more in new technology plant facilities. Thank you for choosing Long-way as a working partner.